Ad-Landing Page Sync: The Secret to 45% More Engagement in E-commerce



Increase in engagement rates


Increase in engagement rates




Boost in conversion rates



Boost in ROAS


Boost in ROAS




Lift in ad relevancy score


In the bustling world of e-commerce, where countless brands vie for a moment of consumer attention, standing out becomes a monumental challenge. The industry thrives on personalization, with consumers increasingly expecting to see exactly what they want, when they want it. The slightest misalignment can lead to immediate drop-offs, making every click a high-stakes opportunity.

Amidst this fiercely competitive landscape, one of the largest online retailers of non-toxic cosmetics and beauty products discovered the key to unlocking unprecedented consumer engagement. By aligning their ads with personalized landing pages using Fibr, they achieved a remarkable 45% increase in engagement rates. This is the story of how a simple yet powerful strategy transformed their online presence and set a new standard in e-commerce marketing.

About the Brand

The brand, a titan in the online retail industry, is renowned for its commitment to non-toxic cosmetics and beauty products. With a vision to revolutionize the beauty sector, it offers a wide range of products that cater to the health-conscious consumer. 

As one of the largest e-commerce players in the market, the brand has set a benchmark for sustainable and safe beauty solutions. Its dedication to providing high-quality, environmentally friendly products has garnered a loyal customer base and positioned it as a leader in the eco-friendly beauty movement.

The Challenge: Aligning Ads with Landing Pages for Optimal ROAS

Our client faced a significant challenge in its online advertising strategy. Despite attracting consumer clicks on their ads, they observed a high drop-off rate upon arrival at the landing page. This disconnect resulted in a low return on ad spend (ROAS), as the post-click experience failed to meet consumer expectations.

The crux of the issue lay in the misalignment between the ads and the landing pages. Consumers were enticed by the ads but were met with generic landing pages that lacked relevance to the advertised products. This inconsistency led to frustration and a loss of potential sales.

Additionally, the brand grappled with a high customer acquisition cost (CAC) and an overall low return on investment (ROI). A particularly concerning aspect was the low relevance score of one of their latest ad campaigns, indicating that the ads were not resonating with the target audience.

The Attempt: Striving for Personalized Landing Pages

The company aimed to create personalized landing pages aligned with their ads to improve the post-click experience. They manually crafted individual pages for each campaign, trying to match the ads' messaging.

They experimented with different layouts, images, and copy to match the ads' messaging. However, this approach quickly became unsustainable. The process was time-consuming and required extensive resources. As the number of campaigns grew, the company struggled to keep up with the demand for new landing pages.

The manual approach also made it challenging to update landing pages promptly in response to changing ad campaigns or consumer feedback.

Despite their efforts, the client was unable to achieve the desired level of personalization and alignment between ads and landing pages. The lack of automation and scalability in their approach hindered their ability to effectively solve their business challenges, leading them to seek a more efficient solution.

Fibr Steps In: Revolutionizing Personalization

The turning point came when the company discovered Fibr, a game-changer in the world of e-commerce personalization. With Fibr, creating personalized landing pages aligned with ads became a breeze, resulting in a remarkable 45% increase in engagement rates.

Fibr's Ad Connect feature was a revelation, enabling seamless synchronization between ads and landing pages. This alignment ensured that consumers were greeted with exactly what they expected post-click, significantly reducing drop-off rates and enhancing the consumer experience.

"Our experience with Fibr has been transformative," shared the company's marketing manager. "Creating personalized landing pages feels super easy with Fibr. It’s like having all the power in your hands as a marketer. No more relying on the developers to get things done. It has led to a 30% improvement in our conversion rates, something we never thought possible with our previous challenges. And the best thing was that we could create multiple variations of our landing page on the same URL, no more traffic split and hassle."

The no-code editor and personalization features of Fibr empowered the company to tailor landing pages to individual preferences effortlessly. This flexibility allowed for rapid updates and relevance, keeping the landing pages engaging and effective.

Moreover, Fibr's A/B testing feature opened new avenues for optimization. The company could now test different variations of their landing pages, such as varying offers or messaging, to see what resonated best with different audience segments. This led to a more targeted approach and a significant reduction in customer acquisition costs (CAC) by 25%.

The implementation of Fibr's solutions marked a significant turning point for the company's online retail strategy. Here's how Fibr's features brought about transformative results:

  • Enhanced Engagement: The personalized landing pages aligned with ads led to a 45% increase in engagement rates, keeping consumers more interested and involved.

  • Improved Conversion Rates: The seamless post-click experience resulted in a 30% improvement in conversion rates, effectively turning interested visitors into buyers.

  • Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs: Fibr's personalization and A/B testing capabilities optimized marketing efforts, reducing customer acquisition costs by 25% and allowing for better budget allocation.

  • Boosted ROAS: The improved alignment between ads and landing pages significantly enhanced the return on ad spend (ROAS) by 40%, ensuring higher efficiency in advertising expenditure.

  • Increased Ad Relevance Score: The relevancy of the ads to the landing pages saw a substantial boost, with the Google Relevancy Score increasing by 20%. This improvement led to better ad placements and higher visibility in search results.

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Ankur Goyal

Ankur Goyal, a visionary entrepreneur, is the driving force behind Fibr, a groundbreaking AI co-pilot for websites. With a dual degree from Stanford University and IIT Delhi, Ankur brings a unique blend of technical prowess and business acumen to the table. This isn't his first rodeo; Ankur is a seasoned entrepreneur with a keen understanding of consumer behavior, web dynamics, and AI. Through Fibr, he aims to revolutionize the way websites engage with users, making digital interactions smarter and more intuitive.

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