Websites that learn & grow:
experience the AI revolution

Websites that learn & grow: experience the AI revolution

Websites that learn & grow:
experience the AI revolution

Personalized experiences, automated
optimization, effortless marketing

Personalized experiences, automated
optimization, effortless marketing

Personalized experiences, automated
optimization, effortless marketing

Become a better
marketer with Fibr

Move faster

Edit, click and launch personalized experiences in minutes, no coding needed.

Keep consumers happy

Delight your visitors with increased ad to page relevance effortlessly.

Grow profit, not budget

Drive higher ROI and lower CAC by delivering personalized experiences, reducing bounce rates.

Wall of love

Our customers


This app just knows the exact pain points D2C businesses have and are trying to solve it. It's not just about customized landing pages, it's also about amazing service by the team. Would recommend the product to anyone and everyone in the D2C community.

Profile picture of Dhruv


CEO & Founder

Fibr sounds like a gamechanger! We're looking forward to using fibr to elevate our customer conversions!

Profile of Siddhi

Siddhi Nagre


Optimizing marketing efforts requires precision, and Fibr has become our precision instrument. Fibr’s no-code Ad connect feature seamlessly has resulted in a more efficient funnel, reducing costs and maximizing the impact of our campaigns.

Profile of Derek

Derek Anderson

Software Engineer

I've explored multiple tools for landing page testing and Fibr is most impressive. Took barely a few mins to deploy & saw great results: ~15% reduction in CAC. The team is very easy to work with & implement feedback - if you are a DTC brand, I highly recommend Fibr!

Profile of Rishabh

Rishabh Bothra

VP, Growth

Fibr is designed to maximize conversions! The user experience was seamless, making it incredibly easy to use. Fibr has an innovative approach to creating personalized shopping experiences, while ensuring that making landing pages is as easy as possible. It makes A/B testing so easy and scalable. I'm optimistic about the benefits it offers

Profile of Karan

Karan Dubey


Fibr's landing pages with all collections-in-one make selling a total breeze. It's so easy for our consumers to quickly review all our products, and for me to track my conversions across channels and specific ads. The onboarding process was also a breeze, thanks to their super helpful team for step-by-step guidance. Would highly reccomend!

Profile of Rohit

Rohit Ganapathy

Head, Middle East

Ads and our website were like strangers before Fibr. High bounce rates, low conversions. Fibr changed everything. Now, our ads and landing pages match seamlessly. We witnessed our conversions go up by almost 2X. It is a must-have for every marketer.

Profile of Evan

Evan Turner

Online Marketing Specialist

Fibr is a conversion booster! No more disconnect between ads and landing pages. It's user-friendly and powerful. Our ROI has never looked better. Fibr is the ace up our marketing sleeve.

Profile of Alex

Alex Carter

Performance Marketing Lead

As a brand with heavy influencer marketing, fibr has been a game-changer. With fibr, we now make super personalised influencer specific shops & track sales contribution of each influencers, giving us much better influencer ROI. So easy to make informed decisions! Overall, highly recommend fibr to anyone looking to accelerate their influencer marketing!

Profile of Garima

Garima Juneja

CEO & Founder

Our journey with Fibr has been nothing short of transformative. The reduction in customer acquisition costs and the boost in conversions are evident, and our overall ROI has never looked better. A must-have for any growth-focused team.

Profile of Michael

Michael Harris

Chief Growth Officer

Fibr turned lead generation into a science. Creating personalized landing pages at scale is no longer a challenge. It's user-friendly, efficient, and our leads are more qualified than ever.

Profile of Oscar

Oscar Bennett

Lead Generation Expert