AI-dentity Crisis #5

AI Today: What’s New This Month

Hello AI Enthusiasts, Welcome Back to AI-dentity Crisis!

Thrilled to bring you another dive into the exhilarating world of artificial intelligence. Every day, AI reshapes our digital landscapes, making what seemed like sci-fi yesterday, today's reality. 

This edition is packed with insights on the latest AI advancements that are not only innovating but also simplifying complex processes across industries. 

Join me as we explore these groundbreaking developments that continue to expand the boundaries of what's possible!

Meet UDIO, Your Personal Music Maestro!

This week, we turn up the volume with UDIO, an innovative AI music creation tool that's hitting all the right notes! Ever dreamt of crafting your own music tracks effortlessly? UDIO makes it happen. 

Just type in your lyrics or musical ideas, and watch as UDIO orchestrates everything from pulsating beats to soothing melodies.

UDIO's Harmonic Highlights:

  1. Simply tell UDIO what you feel, and it'll spin it into music!

  2. From vibrant pop to deep rap, UDIO delivers your voice in any style.

  3. Whether it's chilling neo-soul or thumping EDM, UDIO masters any music style with ease.

Bring your musical visions to life and share them with the world, all through UDIO—where your creativity sings!

YouTube's 'Jump Ahead' Feature All Set to Cut Out Boring Stuff

YouTube is consistently rolling out new features to a small set of users before they become widely available, known as “experiments.” The latest one called “jump ahead” skips to the best parts of a YouTube video for a select group of Premium users in the US.

Ever find yourself tapping through videos to get to the good parts? 'Jump Ahead' does that for you. By analyzing watch data with machine learning, this feature smartly skips to the most interesting parts of a video. Just a double-tap and you're at the next highlight—no more guesswork, no more wasted time.

Unlike the familiar double-tap that advances the video by 10 seconds, 'Jump Ahead' uses AI to predict and navigate directly to the points of greatest interest, based on how others have watched the video. This means you get to enjoy the best moments without having to manually search for them.

Note: This feature is in its trial phase and is available only on certain eligible videos.

That's all for this week!

But one last question!

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Well! Not anymore. 

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  • Learn Your Style: Fibr’s AI begins by learning the unique writing style and tone of your brand, ensuring it understands the nuances that make your content special.

  • Adopt Your Values: It doesn’t stop at style—Fibr also absorbs the core values and tones that define your brand’s voice, making sure the content reflects what you stand for.

  • Generate With Precision: Fibr uses your brand’s guidelines to generate content that's not only engaging but also perfectly aligned with your brand.

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