AI-dentity Crisis #7

Welcome back to our latest edition of AI-dentity Crisis!

Let's talk about something crucial today—on-brand creatives. 

Perfect on-brand visuals are not just nice to have—they are essential.  

Because getting your visuals right isn't just about looking good—it's about making meaningful connections, strengthening brand identity, and ensuring your message hits home every single time. 

But crafting those perfect on-brand visuals is easier said than done. 

The Creative Crunch: When On-Brand Gets Off-Track

Marketers often feel like they're at the mercy of designers or agencies for every visual? 

To deal with this, marketers turn to AI.

AI seems like a dream—zap, and content's ready! 

But the reality often falls short. 

AI just doesn't get you, spitting out generic visuals. Even after endless training, creating perfect on-brand content feels like chasing a unicorn.

But what if I told you there's an  AI that gets your brand right every time. 

That’s Fibr for you! 

Designed to understand your brand

Fibr allows you to:

🎨  Set Brand Guidelines: Easily input your brand’s visual and tone guidelines.

👥 Define Audience Preferences: Tailor creatives to resonate with your specific target audience

⚡ Generate Instantly: Produce on-brand, beautiful creatives with just a few clicks.

Ready to see how Fibr can transform your creative process?

Experience firsthand how our AI can streamline your marketing efforts, ensuring every piece of content is perfectly aligned with your brand.

Book a demo today!

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