skillmatics, dynamic landing page
skillmatics, dynamic landing page
skillmatics, dynamic landing page


Feb 25, 2024

How Skillmatics boosted their RoAS by 20%

Meenal Chirana

3 mins to read


Discover how Skillmatics, the educational dynamo, harnessed the power of personalization to achieve remarkable success. Teaming up with Fibr, they transformed their digital approach, from precise audience targeting to personalized landing pages. 

The result? 

A 2X surge in engagement within the same budget, a 15% reduction in CAC, and an impressive 20% boost in ROAS. Skillmatics' journey with Fibr highlights the potential of personalized strategies to fuel growth and deliver tangible results.

About Skillmatics

Skillmatics is a leading educational toys and game company dedicated to crafting enjoyable educational experiences for children worldwide since 2017. 

Their products, based on research-backed child development insights, have found success in over 50 countries, surpassing a million sales. 

What truly distinguishes Skillmatics is their unwavering commitment to making learning an engaging journey while nurturing essential skills in young minds.

The Challenge

Getting big growth without spending big bucks is always a challenge for DTC brands. Skillmatics, even after being a trailblazer in educational games, faced similar hurdles.

To enhance their digital presence and deliver an elevated consumer experience, Skillmatics recognized the growing demand for personalization in today's market. They understood that meeting this expectation required crafting personalized journeys for various consumer segments, achieved through unique landing pages and targeted ads.

Their objectives were clear: enhance user engagement, improve conversion rates, and maximize their ROI within the same spend. 

They required a solution that helped them improve their landing page personalization to convert a more significant percentage of their ad traffic. 

After exploring various tools, Skillmatics found the ultimate solution through Fibr, a platform that not only enabled efficient landing page testing but also helped the brand unlock a new dimension of next-level personalization. 

Keep reading to find out this secret hack!

The Fibr Solution

Fibr stepped in as a catalyst, enabling Skillmatics to achieve their goals with remarkable ease. 

  1. Empowering Efficiency: Launching Landing Pages in Seconds 

Skillmatics unlocked the ability to create and deploy landing pages in mere seconds, thanks to Fibr's lightning-fast approach. The platform's user-friendly interface empowered them to launch their campaigns swiftly and effortlessly, eliminating the need for extensive technical expertise.

  1. The Secret Hack: Personalized Discount Animations

Skillmatics introduced captivating personalized discount animations with Fibr. These were not regular discounts; they were gamified, interactive, and dynamic. Skillmatics transformed the discount experience into an engaging journey, igniting customer excitement and boosting engagement by 2X.

  1. Strategic Targeting: Reaching the Right Audience

Skillmatics chose their target audiences smartly. Fibr enabled them to swiftly craft personalized landing pages for different audience segments, simplifying a once-complex process. This smart approach boosted engagement and conversions by ensuring campaigns reached precisely the most relevant consumer groups.

  1. Optimizing the Customer Journey: Flyt's Seamless Personalization

Fibr became Skillmatics' compass in creating a seamless user experience. From the initial ad interaction to landing page exploration, Fibr's contextualization and personalization features synchronized every step. The result was a fluid, optimized, and user-centric journey.

Results That Matter 

With Fibr as a driving force, Skillmatics observed instant and noteworthy results. The impact was undeniable, with Skillmatics observing a remarkable ~15% reduction in Cost Acquisition Cost (CAC) and an impressive drop in bounce rates. 

They were able to make landing page testing a breeze and scored some serious wins -

  1. A remarkable 20% decrease in CAC

  2. An impressive 15% increase in RoAS

  3. An astonishing 30% Cx improvement 

  4. Over 2x the page visitors from the same Fb spends on Flyt landing pages

Also, the outcomes mentioned below speak volumes about how Flyt helped the brand in optimizing campaigns and enhancing user engagement.

  • 53.14% Cost Slash: Skillmatics achieved a notable reduction in costs per session, demonstrating Flyt's prowess in optimizing campaigns.

  • 118% More Sessions: Skillmatics harnessed Fibr's precision to generate a remarkable increase in sessions per click, amplifying user engagement.

  • 15.41% More Starters: The implementation of Fibr's strategic interventions resulted in a substantial surge in initiated checkouts, showcasing its effectiveness in optimizing the conversion funnel.

  • 76.66% Boost in ATC to IC: Skillmatics saw a remarkable 76.66% increase in the transition rate from shopping carts to successful checkouts. 

  • 28.20% Conversion Rise: Skillmatics witnessed a significant 28.20% rise in conversion rates, attributing this success to Fibr's impact on driving user actions.


Skillmatics' partnership with Fibr unveils a powerful tale of digital transformation through personalization. 

Navigating the challenges of DTC growth, Skillmatics' journey exemplifies the potential of personalized strategies. 

From lightning-fast landing page creation to gamified discount animations and strategic audience targeting, this success story stands as a testament to the potential of Fibr to transform DTC brands' marketing strategies and achieve tangible growth while optimizing costs.

Meenal Chirana

Meenal Chirana, Content and Social Media Manager at Fibr, brings five years of experience in the content field to the team. Her passion for creating engaging content is matched only by her expertise in SEO and social media management. Passionate about all things content and digital marketing, she is always on the lookout for innovative ways to connect with audiences and elevate brands.