google optimize sunset
google optimize sunset
google optimize sunset


Mar 20, 2024

Top Google Optimize Alternatives to Consider in 2024

pritam roy

Pritam Roy

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Think of a website as a digital store where customers visit and, hopefully, buy something. 

With billions of people online, how do you turn as many visitors as possible into buyers? 

You need to figure out what’s effective on your site and what’s not. This requires a system for getting feedback. Google Optimize used to be the go-to tool for testing your website’s features, but it was discontinued in September 2023. However, testing must go on! 

Let’s look at some of the top alternatives to Google Optimize in 2024.

Google Optimize: A Brief Recap

Google Optimize was a popular A/B testing tool that made it easy for businesses to try out different website designs. It helped marketers create variations of their websites, test how well they worked, and learn more about what users prefer. 

However, it wasn’t perfect. The free version had limited features, and you needed to pay for a Google Marketing Platform subscription to access the full suite of tools. 

For those with complex websites or who needed to do lots of tests, Google Optimize might not have been powerful enough.

Plus, some users found the analytics a bit tricky to understand, and there were other tools in the market offering more customization options, which made Google Optimize less appealing for certain advanced users.

Top Google Optimize Alternatives

With Google Optimize exiting the free A/B testing stage, let's explore some of the most compelling alternatives available in 2024:

  1. Fibr

google optimize alterntaive fibr

Fibr is an AI-native web personalization platform that makes your website talk to visitors in a super personal way. It uses AI to change your site’s content and style based on what visitors do and their info. 

This makes your site more engaging and helps turn visitors into customers. Fibr’s AI is built-in from the start, making it a step ahead of older tools. It simplifies marketing with features like AI A/B Testing, Smart Personalization, and more, all without needing a tech team to handle it.

Because Fibr is built with AI from the start, it’s better than older tools like Google Optimize. Fibr acts like a Personal Assistant that takes care of all the important needs and makes sure you do not miss anything. 

Fibr’s AI tools make marketing easy. AI A/B Testing lets you test website changes quickly without tech help. Smart Personalization adjusts your site for each visitor, boosting sales. WYSIWYG Editor and AI-Powered Recommendations help edit your site and suggest improvements without coding. Ad Connect links ads to personalized pages, increasing campaign success. 

Audience Building targets visitors with tailored content. Lastly, AI personalization at scale creates many custom pages fast, matching them with your ads, all without needing a tech team.


  • Easy A/B Testing: Quickly test changes on your website without needing a tech team.

  • Automatic Personalization: Seamlessly personalize your website for each visitor, leading to more sales.

  • Simple Editing: Edit your website easily with a user-friendly interface, no coding needed.

  • Smart Recommendations: Get suggestions for improvements based on user behavior and website data.

  • Ad Campaign Integration: Easily link ads to personalized landing pages to improve campaign results.

  • Targeted Audience Building: Create content for specific visitor groups to increase engagement.


  • Complexity: Some features may be too advanced for basic users.

  1. Optimizely

google optimize replacement

Optimizely is a comprehensive digital experience platform (DXP) that goes beyond simple A/B testing. It empowers marketers to conduct feature flagging, personalization campaigns, and content optimization, all under one roof. Optimizely is like a Swiss Army knife for digital marketers. It’s not just for testing which webpage version works best (A/B testing). It also lets you control new features on your site.


  • User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality

  • Robust A/B testing features with advanced targeting options

  • AI-powered recommendations for personalization opportunities

  • Integrates seamlessly with other marketing tools in the Optimizely suite


  • Pricing can be steep for smaller businesses

  • Learning curve for advanced features can be steeper compared to some alternatives

  1. VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

google optimize other options

VWO is a popular A/B testing platform with a strong focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO). It provides comprehensive testing tools, heatmaps for user behavior analysis, and visitor segmentation capabilities. VWO is like a magnifying glass that helps you see what’s working on your website and what’s not.


  • Excellent visual editor for creating website variations

  • Offers A/B testing, multivariate testing, and split URL testing options

  • Extensive reporting and analytics functionalities

  • Integrates with various marketing platforms and CMS solutions


  • Interface can be cluttered for beginners

  • Free plan limitations might not suit businesses requiring extensive testing

  1. Adobe Target

google optimize, a/b testing

Adobe Target is a robust marketing optimization solution from Adobe. It offers advanced A/B testing, personalization capabilities, and integrates seamlessly with other Adobe marketing tools. Adobe Target is a powerhouse tool from Adobe that helps you test different versions of your site.


  • AI-powered testing features for automated optimization

  • Powerful personalization functionalities based on user behavior and data

  • Omnichannel marketing capabilities for consistent experiences across platforms

  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics dashboard


  • Costly solution, best suited for enterprises with larger budgets

  • Steeper learning curve due to extensive functionalities

  1. Convert Experiences

Convert Experiences is a user-friendly A/B testing tool known for its lightweight approach. It offers flicker-free testing and server-side experimentation, minimizing website performance impact. Convert Experiences is a friendly tool for testing different webpages (A/B testing) without slowing down your site.


  • Fast and lightweight, ideal for websites with slower loading times

  • Offers various testing methods – A/B, multivariate, split URL testing

  • Feature flagging functionalities for controlled deployment of new features

  • Affordable pricing compared to some enterprise-level solutions


  • Limited reporting and analytics features compared to some competitors

  • Interface might feel less intuitive for some advanced users

  1. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg excels in user behavior analysis. It is like having X-ray vision for your website. It offers heatmaps, session recordings, and user engagement data to gain deeper insights into visitor behavior. While not solely an A/B testing platform, Crazy Egg provides valuable data to inform your testing strategy.


  • Comprehensive user behavior analysis tools with heatmaps and session recordings

  • User-friendly interface with visual data representation

  • Integrates with various marketing platforms

  • Offers a free plan with limited functionalities


  • Limited A/B testing capabilities compared to dedicated A/B testing platforms

  • Pricing can increase significantly with additional features

  1. Unbounce

google optimize sunset

Unbounce focuses on creating and testing high-converting landing pages. It allows users to build high-converting landing pages with drag-and-drop. 

It also gives the user the chance to run unlimited A/B tests to optimize the web pages, with built-in analytics to track results. Great for landing pages, but limited for broader website optimization.


  • Easy-to-use landing page builder with drag-and-drop functionality.

  • Fast A/B testing setup with no coding required.

  • Unlimited A/B testing for ongoing optimization.

  • Built-in conversion tracking and analytics for data-driven decisions.


  • Primarily focused on landing pages, not ideal for comprehensive website optimization.

  • Limited website optimization features beyond landing pages.

  • May not be suitable for complex website testing needs due to its focus on landing pages.

  1. Thrive Optimize (for WordPress)

best altenative for google optimize

Thrive Optimize is a buddy for WordPress sites. It Integrates seamlessly with WordPress for A/B testing. Offers automatic themes, a visual editor, and affordable pricing. Perfect for WordPress users, but limited to that platform and has fewer features than some standalone tools.


  • Seamless WordPress integration for a smooth user experience.

  • Automatic themes for easy A/B testing setup, saving time.

  • Intuitive visual editor for user-friendly test creation.

  • Affordable pricing specifically for WordPress users.


  • Limited to WordPress websites, not usable for other platforms.

  • May not be as powerful as some standalone CRO solutions.

  • Smaller feature set compared to more comprehensive A/B testing tools.

  1. Kameleoon

website personalization, a/b testing

Kameleoon is a powerhouse for making your website more personal and engaging. Kameleoon is a feature-rich platform for A/B testing, website personalization, and user journey optimization. Powerful features like multivariate testing and dynamic content, but complex setup and higher pricing.


  • Powerful A/B testing with features like multivariate testing and server-side testing for complex scenarios.

  • Advanced personalization capabilities like dynamic content injection for targeted experiences.

  • Robust user journey analytics to understand user behavior across touchpoints.


  • Can be complex to set up and use, requiring some technical expertise.

  • Higher pricing plans compared to some competitors, potentially cost-prohibitive for some.

  1. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels helps users to drag-and-drop sales funnel builder with built-in A/B testing for landing pages and funnels. ClickFunnels is all about making sales funnels that are easy to build and test. 

It includes email marketing and membership features (depending on plan), but has limited A/B testing features and focuses on sales funnels, not general website optimization.


  • Easy-to-use sales funnel builder with drag-and-drop interface for quick creation.

  • Built-in email marketing and membership site features (depending on plan) for a complete marketing solution.

  • Affordable pricing for small businesses looking for an all-in-one sales funnel solution.


  • Limited A/B testing features compared to dedicated CRO tools, may not be sufficient for advanced testing needs.

  • May not be suitable for complex website testing needs due to its focus on sales funnels.

  • Focuses on building sales funnels rather than general website optimization.

  1. Matomo

google optimize alternative

Matomo is a privacy-focused analytics platform with basic A/B testing and heatmaps. This tool cares a lot about privacy and follows rules like GDPR/CCPA. It offers basic A/B testing and heatmaps to see where people click. It’s wallet-friendly, but you’ll need to know a bit about tech to set it up.


  • Open-source platform with transparent data practices and user control.

  • GDPR and CCPA compliant for businesses with privacy concerns.

  • Affordable pricing plans, a cost-effective alternative to some A/B testing tools.

  • A/B testing with heatmaps for basic website optimization needs.


  • Limited A/B testing features compared to dedicated CRO tools, may not be ideal for complex testing.

  • May require some technical knowledge for setup and customization.

  • Less user-friendly interface compared to some competitors.

Optimizing Your Optimization Journey: Choosing the Right Tool

Picking the right A/B testing tool after Google Optimize can feel like choosing a new phone! There are many features to consider, and the best choice depends on your business and budget. Here's a breakdown to help you pick the perfect fit:

Website Traffic: Imagine you run a fitness center website. Traffic is high, so you need a reliable tool that can handle a lot of visitors. Fibr, Optimizely or Adobe Target would be like getting a top-of-the-line smartphone - powerful and dependable for high traffic situations.

Testing Needs: Let's say you're a bank revamping your online loan application process. You want to test different layouts and features to see what works best. Fibr, VWO or Convert Experiences would be like getting a phone with lots of camera options - they offer advanced features like multivariate testing (trying out multiple changes at once) to help you find the perfect loan application flow.

Budget: Price can vary greatly depending on the tool. Crazy Egg, like a free mobile game, has a free plan for basic testing needs. But enterprise solutions like Adobe Target, similar to top-tier business phones, come at a higher cost. Along with this you can also try Fibr. Starting with Fibr won’t cost your business a penny. The Free plan lets you play around with up to 5 different versions for as many as 10,000 visitors on your site. If you’re part of a bigger company or you’re expecting lots of web traffic, Fibr has tailor-made pricing options that can grow with your needs.

Ease of Use: Not everyone is a tech whiz! If you need something user-friendly, use a tool that offers easy-to-use interfaces so you can focus on testing, not figuring out the tool itself.

Integration Needs: Imagine you're an e-learning platform and use a program to manage your courses. You'd want an A/B testing tool that works well with your existing system. Consider if the tool integrates smoothly with the marketing tools and website platform you already use.

By considering these factors, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect Google Optimize alternative!

In a Nutshell

Your website is the digital storefront of your business. To convert the sea of online visitors into customers, it’s essential to understand what works on your site and what doesn’t. This is where feedback systems come into play.

Google Optimize was once the favourite tool for this job, but since its discontinuation in September 2023, the search for alternatives is on. Looking for a Google Optimize substitute is more than just picking an A/B testing tool; it’s also about making sure your website runs smoothly and quickly, which is key to successful optimization. 

For a great option that covers both needs, why not try Fibr AI? 

It’s a smart choice for keeping your site at top performance while running those important tests. Give Fibr AI a go and take your website’s optimization to the next level! 

Book a Demo and Try Fibr for Free! 

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pritam roy

Pritam Roy

Pritam Roy, the Co-founder of Fibr, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for product development and AI. A graduate of IIT Bombay, Pritam's expertise lies in leveraging technology to create innovative solutions. As a second-time founder, he brings invaluable experience to Fibr, driving the company towards its mission of redefining digital interactions through AI.