best landing page practices
best landing page practices
best landing page practices

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Mar 22, 2024

13 Best Landing Page Practices You Cannot Afford to Miss

meenal chirana

Meenal Chirana

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There is a thin line between mediocrity and excellence when it comes to high conversion rates and the best landing page practices fills this gap. 

Okay, so you know the feeling you get when you are scrolling through the web, surfing for something particular but you end up greeted by a hot mess of webpage? That’s where landing page practices come into play. 

Consider your landing page as the nightclub bouncer, ensuring only the right people get in i.e. those who are seriously interested in what you have to offer. Your landing page should be welcoming, interactive and concise. 

The old saying – “First impression is the last impression”, holds immense significance even today. You just get a few seconds to grab someone’s attention when they visit your website. Make sure your landing page loads quickly and has a nice appearance. Nobody's got time to wait for a page to load these days.

Landing Page Best Practices

You know how your landing page is the first place people get hooked to when you're trying to convince them to do something on the web, like subscribe to your newsletter or buy your fantastic product? 

Well, if you want your digital marketing game to be on point, your landing pages gotta be top-notch.

Since AI has already transformed the marketing sector and each firm is putting its best foot forward to survive this competition, having a great website landing page that sets you apart from your rivals has become the need of the hour. 

A great landing page intrigues folks attention, gets them interested in what you are saying and convinces them to take action, whether it’s about clicking the buy now button or signing up for updates. 

Here, Fibr comes into the picture enabling personalized marketing campaigns by analyzing vast datasets to understand consumer behaviour and preferences. 

So how are you planning to make your landing page a rockstar?

Well! The best practices of Landing Page come into the picture now.

Our blog will walk you through some of the best ways you can make a great web landing page which is easy on the eyes of your customers. 

Once you get the hangs of this, your digital marketing efforts will be unstoppable.

13 Best Landing Page Practices You Should Not Miss

  1. Use Directional Cues to Direct the Eye

Have you ever found yourself wondering what to do on a webpage? 

Directional cues are useful in this situation. They resemble little indicators that direct your attention. Consider using shapes, arrows, or even images of people pointing.

Now picture yourself on a page with more information visible beneath what you can currently see. You want to make sure that users continue to scroll, correct? 

Thus, you lead them downhill by using these indications. "Hey, there's more cool stuff down here, keep going!" is how it seems like that.

But there's still more! 

Make sure people don't overlook your big "Sign Up" or "Buy Now" button. Here's where strong hues and distinct shapes are useful. In order for users to know exactly what to click on, you want your button to stand out. To make it even more obvious you can even include arrows or animations.

Directional cues help keep visitors engaged and make sure they don't miss out on what you want them to do next.

  1. Make Sure Your Ads and Messages Align

The main reason for utilising landing pages in the first place is to make sure the page you direct visitors to meets their expectations. Make sure the language and style of your landing page correspond with the search and social media ads you are running in order to indicate to visitors that they have made a "good click."

For instance, an advertisement for senior communities that directs viewers to a page specialising in opulent condominiums is probably going to turn off more people than one that stays on topic. To guarantee message matching while running multiple ads with distinct headlines, think about developing variant sites or utilising Dynamic Landing Pages. 

Here Fibr can arm you to create a landing page that resonates with your ad campaigns without you having to worry or taking the pain of coding or A/B Testing. 

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  1.  Write a Headline that Highlights a Benefit

I've discovered over the years that at least seven individuals will leave a landing page for every ten that visit it. Visitors must quickly realise what's in it for them in order to keep that number low. 

Since my title will be the first thing visitors see, it should sum up the benefits of my landing page and offer in a simple and succinct manner. Create a title for your landing page that is appealing, direct, and unambiguous.

  1.  Select the Image That Best Represents the Offer

Adding images to the landing page is of utmost importance. An image is used to arouse emotion in visitors by providing a preview of what they might expect when they accept the offer. Choosing the ideal image that appeals to your audience is crucial. 

You can choose the optimal image option by split-testing different possibilities and seeing which one performs best. Remember that the visual should emphasise the appeal of your offer and fit it perfectly. You may effectively capture your audience and increase conversions by utilising the power of visual storytelling. 

  1. Create an Enticing Copy

While having an attention-grabbing headline and image can be important, I've learned from experience that poorly written copy can make an impression go flat.

The content of your piece needs to direct readers to the action you want them to do in a clear and succinct manner. In order to engage the reader, compelling content also addresses them personally by utilising the pronouns "you" and "your." 

  1. Keep the Website Loading Time Less

Many potential clients will leave your website if it takes longer than three seconds for them to load on a mobile device. Everything you add to your landing page should have a clear function; don't overload it with unnecessary things that will slow it down. 

Verify that all of the images are optimised and that you have complied with Google's speed guidelines.

  1. Provide a Relevant Offer

Consider your landing page to be a stop on the route your lead takes to reach your main offer, which is your good or service. Your offer is what you provide in return for the private information of your lead. It should be relevant to your business in addition to being intriguing enough to entice your visitor to submit their contact information. 

Your product or service should efficiently address pain points or satisfy goals while also striking a chord with the requirements and desires of your target audience. 

In-depth market research and a comprehension of customer behaviour are also necessary for creating an offer that is intriguing. 

You may increase lead generation and conversion rates by matching your offer to the motivations and interests of your audience. In the end, a thoughtfully created offer on your landing page is an effective instrument for generating leads and expanding your company.

  1. Use Appropriate Call-to-Action

The most important component of your landing page is the call-to-action (CTA), which is one of several factors that promote conversion. The colour you choose for the CTA button should contrast with the other elements on the website to make it stand out. Your call-to-action needs to be obvious to users and easy to locate if you want conversion rate optimization to be as successful as possible. 

Keep in mind that your landing page design won't succeed if there isn't a clear call to action. Another crucial element of your CTA is the language you employ. To ensure that consumers know exactly what to do and what occurs when they click the CTA button, they must be explicit. 

Make sure your visitors understand what you want them to do by using an action verb such as "submit," "download," or "get it now."

According to Hubspot, there are several benefits to using Calls-to-Action (CTAs) in marketing campaigns. Websites featuring CTAs experience a 121% increase in click-through rates compared to those without. Email CTAs get an average click-through rate (CTR) of 3-5%. Personalized call-to-actions perform 202% better than basic CTAs. 

  1. Simplify Your Forms

 It is not appropriate to use the same forms for desktop and mobile landing sites. Completing forms is time-consuming, particularly when using a mobile device.

Fortunately, platforms like as Fibr simplify the process of creating mobile-friendly landing pages for your visitors. All you need to do is click a button to switch between desktop and mobile mode, then resize your items accordingly.

Leads may be leaving your landing page if your forms contain a lot of extra fields and dropdown boxes.

So, you must ensure that only essential information is asked in the forms. 

Reducing the number of fields on your desktop and mobile landing page forms, or increasing "white space," is an excellent way to make your forms look more appealing. By doing this, you can shorten the landing page's loading time.

  1. Designs with Minimum Details

A minimalist design is one style that is very effective for landing page design. This design emphasises simplicity with lots of white space, crisp lines, and few extraneous details. 

It's simpler for visitors to comprehend your message and take action when you choose minimalist designs because they keep the emphasis on the content and the call to action.

  1. Templates for Landing Pages

Using pre-made landing page templates is a wonderful way to start if you're new to landing page design. These templates frequently adhere to best standards in style and design, which facilitates the creation of powerful landing pages by novices. 

Website builders and CMS offer an abundance of landing page templates, making the design process easy. Prebuilt templates, which provide a practical beginning point with tested design features, speed up the creative process even further.

  1. Make Search Engine Optimizations

Website Optimization with relevant keywords is essential to maximising both organic search traffic and paid advertising efforts. You should also use email blasts and social media postings to drive traffic to the page. Your landing page should appear up naturally in search engine results when people look for particular key phrases. This requires strategic keyword placement and content alignment.

In the same way, to guarantee coherence and relevance, the keywords you have targeted in your campaigns for sponsored ads must be on your landing page. This strategy raises your landing page's visibility while simultaneously raising the quality score of your advertising campaigns, which could save expenses and boost ad performance. Your landing page content will be more cohesive and effective if it is aligned with targeted keywords used in other marketing channels. This will increase conversion rates and help you reach your marketing goals.

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  1. Use a Thankyou Page

A thank you page is where you redirect leads after they've completed your form, serving three vital functions. Firstly, it fulfils the stated offer, which is usually an instant download. 

Second, it's a chance to further pique your new lead's interest by providing them with additional pertinent information. Finally, it provides a means of thanking them for their curiosity, which has a big impact on their conversion path.


A thoughtfully designed thank-you page improves user experience and cultivates deep relationships with prospective clients.

Wrapping Up 

You can create incredibly engaging pages that effectively captivate your audience and drive conversions by utilising landing page best practices.

Want to know where to start from? 

Our knowledgeable staff at Fibr is always willing to assist. You can confidently handle the complexities of building a landing page with our knowledge and assistance. We make sure you have the resources and know-how needed to succeed.

We at Fibr offer complete support catered to your unique aims and objectives, from perfecting your landing pages design to honing your messaging. We can help you make the most out of your landing pages so that you can build a solid online presence and encourage relevant interaction with your target audience.

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meenal chirana

Meenal Chirana

Meenal Chirana, Content and Social Media Manager at Fibr, brings five years of experience in the content field to the team. Her passion for creating engaging content is matched only by her expertise in SEO and social media management. Passionate about all things content and digital marketing, she is always on the lookout for innovative ways to connect with audiences and elevate brands.