How Neeman's Slashed Their CAC By 50% with Fibr
How Neeman's Slashed Their CAC By 50% with Fibr
How Neeman's Slashed Their CAC By 50% with Fibr


Feb 26, 2024

How Neeman's Slashed Their CAC By 50% with Fibr

pritam roy

Pritam Roy

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Neeman’s, a prominent shoe retailer based in India, partnered with Fibr to reshape its digital marketing strategy and enhance overall sales performance. The collaboration aimed to address challenges related to ROAS, CAC, and conversion rates.


  • ROAS Enhancement: Neeman’s sought to boost the effectiveness of its advertising spend, targeting a substantial increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

  • CAC Reduction: The objective was to streamline the customer acquisition process, aiming for a 50% reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

  • Conversion Amplification: Neeman’s aimed to double its conversion rates, ensuring a more efficient transition from website visits to actual purchases.

Fibr's Solution

To crack the code, Fibr and Neeman’s ran a test – a simple A/B test. They split the customers into two groups. Group one visited the regular Neeman’s website, while group two got a taste of something new: Fibr's unidirectional landing pages.

Fibr's approach was straightforward. They aimed to simplify the shopping journey. The landing pages were designed to guide customers directly to the checkout, eliminating unnecessary choices and distractions. It's like taking the express lane instead of navigating a maze.

The results spoke volumes. Fibr's pages proved to be a game-changer. There was a whopping threefold increase in the "Initiate Checkout" clicks. In plain terms, more people were not just browsing – they were actively moving towards making a purchase.

This streamlined process made a real impact. Neeman’s saw a significant uptick in purchases, and it wasn’t a one-time success. The unidirectional landing pages transformed the entire shopping experience, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

In the end, Neeman’s and Fibr emerged as a winning duo. The numbers backed it up: increased Returns on Ad Spend (ROAS), reduced Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), and a surge in conversions.


The A/B test brought some exciting outcomes:

ROAS Rocket: Neeman’s saw a whopping 91% boost in Return on Ad Spend, signifying the effectiveness of Flyt's personalized landing pages in maximizing advertising investments.

CAC Super Saver: The streamlined consumer journey led to a 50% reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost, showcasing the cost-effectiveness achieved through Fibr's innovative approach.

Conversion Doubling: Neeman’s witnessed a 2x increase in conversion rates, indicating that more visitors were successfully transitioning into paying customers.


As Neeman’s continues to leverage Fibr's innovative solutions, the partnership remains poised for sustained success. This case study stands as a testament to the potential of strategic digital interventions in reshaping the online retail landscape.

Note: All statistics mentioned are based on the results of the A/B test and subsequent analytics conducted by Fibr in collaboration with Neeman’s.

pritam roy

Pritam Roy

Pritam Roy, the Co-founder of Fibr, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for product development and AI. A graduate of IIT Bombay, Pritam's expertise lies in leveraging technology to create innovative solutions. As a second-time founder, he brings invaluable experience to Fibr, driving the company towards its mission of redefining digital interactions through AI.